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A special flight from Moscow to Turkmenabat will take place on September 8, 2020.

According to Turkmenistan Airlines Russia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Russia are organizing a flight to take Turkmen citizens from Moscow (Domodedovo airport) to Turkmenabat. The flight is scheduled for September 8, 2020.

The airline has already received a list of passengers on the flight. All passengers on the flight will receive a personal notice and tickets for this flight.

Passengers are strongly warned about the categorical prohibition to put any foodstuffs in the luggage.

Small bags, briefcases, backpacks, and laptop bags can be used as carry-on luggage. Accordingly, you may carry documents, laptops, medicines and baby food in them. Other items should be left in the luggage. Strict compliance with these requirements is necessary to avoid check-in delays.

The attention of passengers is drawn to the need to comply with the mask regime. Citizens are also asked to comply with all requirements and recommendations of the crew.

Those citizens who have not received direct notice of departure are asked not to go to the airport. Boarding will be carried out only according to the tickets and lists previously agreed in the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Russia.

Citizens who have not previously submitted information on their location and situation are asked to submit data to the consular service of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Russia by e-mail at

When organizing new possible flights to take citizens to Turkmenistan, passengers will be informed personally.


    • This issue is being thoroughly investigated by the competent agencies. Be patient.

    • And how to sign up on the list for outbound flights?!, stuck in Moscow want to get to Turkmenistan!!!

  • Excuse me, do you know when they are taking us out of Uzbekistan, we are almost a stone's throw from home, we don't need a plane, if you have any information please share. Thanks in advance.

    • Contact the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Tashkent. They should be able to help you.

    • Uwazaemaya Sona! Ne dumayu, chto nuzhno povtoryat'sya poowodu reysa iz Tureckoy Respubliki w Turkmenistan.

  • Good evening, how can I change my ticket for the new Moscow-Ashgabat flight and when the flights to Ashgabat will be available?

    • At the moment there is no concept of a flight Moscow-Ashgabat, take this into account.

  • I registered at the consular department in April and May,,,, twice. The plane left on September 8, I was not informed. I would like to know, maybe there are some other lists? Maybe it is necessary to write to e-mail? I have a fear,,,, what if I am not informed about the next flight at all,,,,m I am 62 years old. What should I do?

    • Hmm, strange situation. If I'm not mistaken, the flight notification necessarily comes only to those who are approved for removal...

  • And when will you pick up passengers with children, They said they would call and did not call, let them make a second flight out, or are we not people???

    • This issue should be resolved in the near future.
      Angela, tell me, has the diplomatic mission completely stopped personal reception of citizens of Turkmenistan on all issues?

  • How do I sign up for an outbound flight? The embassy in Moscow did not answer the phone or electronically, and in Astrakhan the embassy said that they have no news about departures. And they do not even know that there are such flights, and I am stuck here with two children, how can I go back to Turkmenistan?

  • There are no flights, it's all a fake, the embassy does not even know anything about it.

  • And how to sign up for a list of outbound flights ?!, stuck in Moscow I want to get to Turkmenistan !!! In May I signed up by calling the embassy, if there are other options or lists please tell us what we should do!

  • Good afternoon, I can not get through to the consulate, and the sites are not responding, I am stuck in St. Petersburg, visa expires, please tell me where and how do I apply?

  • Hello, could you please tell me when the next flight to Moscow will be? We didn't make it to September 8, so I'd like to know when the next flight will be?

  • Citizens should be taken out every day, not twice a month, but if people have nowhere to live and no money

  • Hello, I would like to know about an outbound flight from Moscow to Turkmenabat can I learn about correspondence students get on this flight? How is the list of citizens formed in general? Who to turn to directly, because the pawns do not give a normal answer! By the way, you cannot even talk to them normally!!!

  • Hello, could you please tell me when the next flight out of Russia will be? For September 8, I was not on the list, although I applied for a return back in April. How does the consulate or embassy make the list? They do not answer my calls and letters in any format. I didn't receive any material assistance for these six months, although I had sent numerous letters with an application and still did not receive any answer. It's the third time they are taking students out of Belarus. There are students in Russia, too, and not a few of them. Please do not forget that there are also citizens of Turkmenistan in Russia, who want to return home.