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16 countries without COVID-19 coronavirus

Every day there are fewer and fewer countries in the world where no cases of infection have been detected Covid-19. As of today, there are only 16 of them left. The last state to surrender to the onslaught Coronavirus of the infection was South Sudan on April 5.

On the African continent, out of 54 states, only three have no cases of infection coronavirus - The Kingdom of Lesotho (2.2 million people), Sao Tome and Principe (204,000) and the Comoros (813,000).

Significant majority of countries which did not succumb to Covid-19 attacks are island states: Vanuatu (276 thousand), Marshall Islands (53 thousand), Tonga (108 thousand), Kiribati (116 thousand), Solomon Islands (611 thousand), Micronesia (105 thousand), Tuvalu (11 thousand), Palau (21 thousand), Nauru (13 thousand).

There are four such states in Asia, of which two are Central Asian: Turkmenistan (5.7 million), Tajikistan (8.9 million), North Korea (25.4 million) and Yemen (28.2 million). Our country takes all kinds of preventive and prophylactic measures to prevent this acute respiratory disease.

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