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"Altyn Asyr" was defeated in a friendly match

Being these days at the training camp in Turkey, the capital soccer club "Altyn Asyr" held another friendly match. Kaliningrad-based Baltica was the team's opponent, scoring a 3-1 victory in the match.

The Russian team opened the scoring in the tenth minute. After an accurate cross into the penalty area, Baltic midfielder Jan Kazayev sent a powerful shot into the net.

Then the initiative was taken by the Altyn Asyr players. After a long-range shot, the Baltika goalkeeper reflected the ball in front of him, but Begmurad Bayov was first on the ball and thus restored the balance in the score.

Two minutes after the goal, the Ashgabat team had a chance to take the lead. After an infraction in the penalty area, the referee pointed to the spot. Altymurad Annadurdyev came up to the ball and shot past it.

On the 30th minute, after a feed from the left flank, Alshin headed a pass by Kuzmin and made the score 2: 1.

In the 73rd minute, Mikhail Markin put the point in the match by shooting accurately from the penalty spot.

"Baltika" is a professional Russian club. It performs in the second most important division of Russia. At the moment it ranks seventh in the Football National League (FNL).

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