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"Arassa Rysgal of Turkmenistan has expanded its footwear range

Arassa Rysgal of Turkmenistan has expanded its product range with support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The bank's financial and business advice facilitated the establishment of rubber boots and sneakers production at the company.

Until recently, "Arassa Rysgal" was known as the leading manufacturer of summer shoes under the brand name "Gerçek". The products of this brand, founded in 2015, have gained great popularity among the population of Turkmenistan.

The company "Arassa Rysgal" was founded by a Turkmen entrepreneur Aikhan Redjepova in 1997. At the beginning of its existence, the main direction of its activity was trade in nuts and dried fruits. However, then it was decided to diversify the company's activity by creating a production line.

Arassa Rysgal now employs 400 people. 65% of the total number of employees are women. In the seven workshops in operation, the material is prepared, cut and sewn. Then the laser cutting, linking, lacing and decorating takes place. The raw materials for the shoes are artificial leather, textiles, PVC and polyurethane.

The company's shoes under the Gerçek brand are in high demand not only among Turkmenistanis. In addition to selling its products in all five provinces of the country, the company exports abroad. The company annually produces 6 million pairs of summer shoes, as well as more than 40 thousand rubber boots and 80 thousand sneakers.

The EBRD financed the purchase of new equipment by the company, as well as the construction of workshops. The total investment amounted to $2 million. In the future, the head of the enterprise intends to launch another investment project, allowing to completely refuse imported raw materials. This will not only reduce the cost of shoes, but will also provide jobs for another 200 women.


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