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The future of the oil and gas sector: what experts talked about in Turkmenistan

During the first day of the oil and gas forum OGT-2020 a session on the current situation and global trends in the energy sector was held.

Prospects for international cooperation in the oil sector of Turkmenistan was the subject of the report Head of SC "Turkmennebit" G. Baigeldiev. Representatives of the Galkynysh field development told the participants about the Research Institute of Turkmengaz. At the meeting, participants discussed the impact of the pandemic on the market. Thus, according to experts, the drop in demand for energy resources affected the oil industry more than the gas industry.

In the long run:

  • natural gas consumption will increaseThe main reason for this was the growth in consumption in China and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Alternative sources of energy will be actively developed. Wind and solar power.

One of the most important tasks, the solution of which will help to increase the efficiency of the oil and gas sector, is digitalization, introduction of innovative technologies.

The first day of the forum also included management talksThe company has been working with foreign partners, representing the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan.


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