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Future masters of the Turkmen theater scene passed the directing exam

Future masters of the Turkmen theater scene passed the directing exam

The future masters of the theater scene of Turkmenistan passed an exam on directing. The exam took place in the rehearsal hall of the Student Theater named after Mollanepes, which on that day was filled not only with young people but also with the coryphaei of theater art.

The young actors and directors, students of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture had to judge the skills by the literary excerpts from works, which became world classics long ago. On that day, one could "meet" characters familiar to us from the works of A. Chekhov, A. Ostrovsky, J.-B. Moliere and O. Henry.

The students improve their skills under the guidance of Maral Durdyeva, an experienced senior instructor, who not only gives them theoretical knowledge, but also helps them develop practical skills. Having made it her goal to train high-level specialists, the instructor provides aspiring stage directors with all necessary conditions for them to develop their potential, and their interesting creative ideas to be brilliantly realized on stage.

Today, demonstrating the prepared sketches on the stage, the boys and girls show how well they managed to comprehend the wisdom of the theatrical craft. Young people learn to embody on the stage various images, learn the plasticity of stage movements and speech techniques, gain practical experience in the construction of expressive mise-en-scene.

Only serious and thoughtful artists are able to create images of colorful characters. Understanding this, the boys and girls try to literally live on stage to recreate truly vivid dramatic characters, even if they are in small sketches.

Thus, Merjen Gubaeva brilliantly managed to convey the tragic fate of Katerina from Ostrovsky's "The Tempest". And the Chekhov characters of the story "The Proposal", performed by Begench Ishanguliev, Gulshat Tokaeva and Didar Meredov managed to arouse not only sympathy, but also tenderness in the audience. No less successfully the students were able to convey images from the comedy of Moliere "The Healer at Will", as well as from a humorous work of O. Henry's "Kindred Souls".

The future theater students from different regions of Turkmenistan are carefully studying the classics. They not only find translations of famous world literary works on their own, but also manage to translate their favorite excerpts into their native language so that they can bring them to life on the theatrical stage in the future.




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