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Earth Hour: WWF encourages the world to participate

This Saturday, March 28, residents of countries around the world will participate in Earth Hour, which is held annually on the last Saturday in March. The global eco-community calls on everyone to turn off lights and electrical appliances from 20:30 to 21:30. Millions of people will follow this call today according to their local time. The action will affect ordinary citizens as well as buildings and landmarks and major businesses that will not profit from their activities during this hour. Participation in Earth Hour is an important contribution by each of us to the wellbeing of our planet's future.

The event was initiated by WWF World Wide Fund for Nature in 2007 in order to bring the importance of climate change issues to the people of the Earth. The symbolic turning off the lights for 1 hour sends a message to everyone about the need to conserve resources for the sake of preserving the planet.

WWF has offices in more than 40 countries. The organization acts to protect the natural environment of the Earth and promote the harmony between people and nature. The most large-scale Earth Hour was recorded in 2010, when about 1 billion people from 120 countries around the world took part in the action.


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