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Tebigy ekin" farm grows new varieties of crops in Lebap

In a private Tebigy ekin, a private Dayhan farm, continues to grow new varieties of crops imported from abroad. The farmers have already planted onions from Turkey and are preparing to plant Russian potatoes.

Entrepreneur Hezret Byashimov founded Tebigy ekin farm in 2019. The enterprise he set up leased 953 hectares of land for 99 years. Daihane grows new varieties of grapes, onions and potatoes, which are imported from foreign countries.

In 2020. entrepreneur Byashimov plans to plant 300 hectares of the "Gala" potato variety purchased in the Russian Federation. He predicts a yield of 15-20 tons per hectare. В last season, 200 ha of land were allocated for potatoes, and the total volume of the harvest was 3 thousand tons.

Earlier Daihan farm "Tebigy ekin" sowed 47 hectares of onion variety "Baýram" imported from Republic of Turkey. The projected yield of onions is 200-250 tons.

The farm The farm also grows Taýpy grapes - 9 hectares of leased land are dedicated to this crop. The farm also grows Taýpy grapes - 9 hectares of leased land.

Consumers can buy the crops grown by the Tebigy ekin farm at the local market or by using the services of the Lebap miwe production association.


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