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The debut of an Ossetian play at the Kemine Theater in Mary

Actors of the Pushkin State Russian Drama Theater, who are on tour in Mary these days, presented the play "Andro and Sandro" by Ossetian playwright George Khugaev on the stage of the State Drama Theater named after Kemin.

The actors succeeded in immersing the audience in the picturesque atmosphere of an Ossetian village and in witnessing the unusual story of two elderly neighbors. The plot of the play is not twisted into a complicated story and captures with its ease both the adult generation and young viewers. The performance harmoniously intertwines lyrical and comedic story lines.

Kerim Atayev (Andro) and Mikhail Rogov (Sandro), colorfully played the roles of 70-year-old Caucasian old men. Women's roles were played by Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Olga Volkova as Margo, Andro's wife, and by Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Larisa Kosonogova as Kosher, Sandro's beloved. The actors succeeded in colorfully conveying the characters of their characters, their worries and hopes.

The Russian theater's production caused a storm of positive emotions and a flurry of applause in the audience.

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