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ZEHIN - Territory of talented youth


The presentation of the new project "ZEHIN" developed by the Turkmen company "Turkmen Transit" was held on March 17 at the annual exhibition dedicated to the 12th anniversary of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. As Davud Durdiyev, project manager of Turkmen Transit, told Arzuw News correspondent, the new development provides for the creation of a center for the development of talented young people, free economic zones for trade and production, as well as the provision of consulting services.

According to Davud Durdyev, the Center for Development of Talented Youth will open its doors to young professionals working in the field of information technology, whose training will be conducted by experienced IT specialists of Turkmen Transit. In this center the young people will have the opportunity to implement their innovative projects, look for options to attract investment for their developments, which will benefit our country and beyond its borders.

With the participation of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and state support, it is planned to create IT zones in the country, where favorable conditions will be created to implement all kinds of business ideas and know-how. Foreign investments will be attracted to this project with a minimum investment period of 10 years.

Another direction of the project is the provision of consulting services. Specialists will share knowledge that will be useful to entrepreneurs in drawing up business plans, conducting market research, building a competent strategy for the company, which will get the most positive results and benefits for the business.

Turkmen Transit has already established itself in the Turkmen market. The company's specialists have developed software allowing to pay for various services through bank terminals.

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