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Ashgabat City Day was the subject of the exhibition of the State Museum

The Day of Ashgabat defined the theme of the exhibition presented by the museum of the Cultural Center. The phrase of the President of Turkmenistan, "This is a holiday of all citizens, all compatriots, who create the look of the city with their own hands" became the main leitmotif of the exhibition. The exhibition can be divided into two parts - glorious history of the city and dynamic grandiose innovations of our time.

Guests will be interested in the historical artifacts of "Nisa" near Ashgabat, testifying to the majestic past of the oasis plain between the Kopetdag and Karakum ridges, which became the foundation of the capital of Turkmenistan in 1881.

Rare photographs offer a glimpse of Ashgabat in the 1920s and 1950s.

Wonderful works of arts and crafts and brilliant works of photographers demonstrate the monumental panorama of white-marble Ashgabat, whose architectural ensembles truly represent the modern era of achievements in the life of the state.

The book part of the exhibition presents publications revealing numerous aspects of life in the capital and the powerful transformations of the new times.


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