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French cynologists are interested in the work of their Turkmen colleagues

The Turkmen cynologists considered the main issues and prospects for interaction with colleagues from France. From the French side the following people participated in the discussion: N.K.Gantar (prof., Vetschool), G.Leroy (jury member, ICF), Fleur Marie-Missant (representative of the Central Cynological Society).

In the presentation of the activities of the Turkmen Alabai Association, the Turkmen cynologists shared their experience in the development of breeding and popularization of the breed. They told about the achievements and systematic work being carried out in this area. For instance, in the rating made by the Russian colleagues, Alabais were rated 3rd place on the list of top watchdogs.

The French experts appreciated the information presented and expressed their readiness to continue the dialogue in the format of personal meetings.


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