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The head of Turkmenistan held a meeting on the development of the oil and gas industry

The results of work in the oil and gas sector and tasks-2021 were discussed on February 2 at the working meeting of the Leader of the Turkmen Nation with the deputy heads of the Cabinet of Ministers and heads of relevant organizations.

The head of Turkmenistan emphasized the key role of the oil and gas industry in the country's economic development strategy. Having heard the reports presented, The president highlighted a number of key tasks: increasing oil production, accelerating exploration activities, attracting foreign investment, and entering new markets.

To that end, The Turkmen leader instructed the: find the reasons for the decline in natural gas production and take measures to resolve the situation, bring the production facilities of the fuel and energy complex to full design capacity, increase oil production by introducing advanced technologies, organize uninterrupted supply of raw materials to TKNPZ, increase the depth of processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and improve the quality of products. The President also drew attention to the need to raise the level of training of personnel for the oil and gas industry.

Severe reprimands for shortcomings in work were given to managers of the oil and gas sectorThe following are the main stakeholders: the deputy prime minister for the fuel and energy sector M. Meredov, the heads of the state concerns "Turkmengaz" and "Turkmenneft," the head of "Turkmengeologiya" and the general director of the Turkmen refinery.


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