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Turkmenistan will introduce quality inclusive social services

Turkmenistan is preparing to introduce quality inclusive social services at the local level. As part of this training, more than one hundred mid-level social work managers participated in a 5-day training conducted jointly by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and UNDP. The event was held in the framework of the Joint Programme of the UN and our state. This training is part of a series of trainings organized for Turkmen social workers. Their mission is to help build the capacity to provide social services to the population on the eve of the introduction of new social services in a number of velayats in 2021.

The training, whose participants included representatives from governmental and nongovernmental social work agencies, is conducted by national trainers who have been effectively trained online in an interactive format. The training program was organized by the Bulgarian Institute for Social Action and Practice. Turkmen specialists have successfully mastered the program, despite the difficulties of remote education. The survey showed that 73 out of 102 trainees improved their knowledge and understanding of the training topics such as the needs and problems of families with children, the elderly, the disabled, and others. A total of 16 topics were mastered.

Initially, it was planned to increase the qualifications of sixty social work managers. However, due to the online format, the Joint Program was able to go beyond the limits and, in addition to the target audience, attract specialists from both government and non-government formations that provide social services to vulnerable groups.

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