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Annual production of cement in Turkmenistan will increase by 2 million.

The head of Turkmenistan approved the construction of the second stages of the Lebap and Bakhherden cement plants.

According to the Decree of the Turkmen Leader, the relevant Ministry will conclude contracts with "Beýik-Bina" (Baherden etrap of Akhal velayat) and "Türkmen Enjam" (Koytendag etrap of Lebap velayat), which were the best in an international tender. The projects developed by these Turkmen companies were called the most optimal by experts of the Interdepartmental Commission.

Turkmen companies will provide construction, landscaping of the surrounding area and laying of necessary communications (electricity, gas, water, sewerage and railroad). The planned capacity of the enterprises after commissioning will be 1 million tons of cement per year.

The project will start in July 2020, with the completion and start of the plants scheduled for December 2022.


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