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Turkmenistan's State Puppet Theater performed in Balkanabat

The experiment by the creative team of the Turkmen Puppet Theater delighted not only children but also adult spectators, who were lucky enough to participate in popular fairy tales.

The young spectators were shown interludes based on the Russian folk tale "Repka" and the puppet show "Şowhunly gurjaklar".

The State Puppet Theater performed in schools and kindergartens in Balkanabad. The group's innovation in the form of an interactive production erased the boundaries that usually sharply separate the artists on stage and the audience in the auditorium.

The opportunity to show their talent on stage as one of the characters in the tale so pleased the little spectators that they clearly felt their magical transformation into a granddaughter, a cat, a mouse.

The spectators in the capital have the opportunity to attend every premiere of the puppet theater company, which is not the case for children in other cities of Turkmenistan. Therefore, every visit of the puppet theater to their hometown is perceived by young theatergoers as a wonderful gift. The actors carefully select the best productions for such tours.



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