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Results of 2020 oil production in Turkmenistan: "Galkynyshnebit" has exceeded the plan

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and the introduction of advanced technology "Galkynyshnebit." (GC "Turkmennebit") is actively increasing the volume of hydrocarbon production in the fertile land of the Cheleken Peninsula.

In 11 months. 2020 oil workers managed to produce from operating wells 44,410 tons of "black gold," which exceeded the target by 16.5%. Innovative technologies made it possible to significantly improve the quality of work on low-productivity well No. 636. Here, at the Dagadzhik site, drillers carried out work to increase the flow of oil, resulting in a daily production rate of 25 tons.

Among the positive results of the outgoing year are the fast pace of drilling at a depth of 1,200 m of well No. 654 and the workover of some wells.


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