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Aý Mähri products received well-deserved recognition at an international exhibition

Turkmen individual enterprise "Aý Mähri." (AÝM) presented the work of their mistresses at the international exhibition "LeShow. Istanbul 2020." The event was held in Istanbul from 16 January 16 to 18, 2020. The exhibition has a rich history and is held annually The territory of different countries. Its main purpose is to unite designers and clothing manufacturers from around the world.

Nurdjahan Tachmuradova, founder of the Aý Mähri trademark, said the handicrafts on display at the exhibition were of great interest to visitors, Nurdzhahan Tachmuradova said the handmade products at the exhibition aroused great interest among her visitors. According to the head of the company, The head of the company said that people who attended the event repeatedly expressed their admiration for the handbags, jewelry, clothing with national decorations and belts made of traditional traditional Turkmen fabrics, as well as other products of the Aý. Mähri.

The exhibition also served as a venue for business meetings aimed at further deepening and developing cooperation. Representatives of the fashion industry from Turkey, Russia and Albania became interested in handicrafts of Turkmenistan and participated in the talks on establishing and further developing partnership with "Aý Mähri". Last October, women's dresses in the national style and a variety of accessories by AÝM brand were demonstrated at the fashion shows in Paris. And the founder of "Aý Mähri" individual enterprise Nurdjahan Tachmuradova last spring was awarded the title of "Woman of the Year" for her achievements in the sphere of private entrepreneurship.


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