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Japanese partners invite Turkmen companies to the exhibition

ROTOBO Japan AssociationThe Russian Federation, which is working to boost trade with Russia and the newly independent countries, has announced the CA - Virtual EXPO (CAVEX), which will take place in an online format from February 1 through February 26, 2021.

Organizers promise investment webinars, as well as national days dedicated to each Central Asian country. The day of Turkmenistan is scheduled for February 19. Domestic companies can take part in the exhibition by submitting preliminary applications by December 18, 2020. Phone numbers for more information: +993 12212364 and +993 12212375.

The association has been promoting business relations between Japanese companies and the former socialist countries of Eurasia since 1967. ROTOBO has about two hundred membersincluding trading firms, manufacturing companies, financial institutions, associations, transportation companies, and local governments.


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