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Turkmenistan's economy shows positive dynamics

Turkmenistan's economy shows positive dynamics

Economic editorial board analyst Valentin Trapeznikov reviewed in his article trends in the development of the economy of Turkmenistan in 2021. The expert noted that in the first quarter of 2021 the national economy showed a number of positive trends. The most prominent of these trends were comprehensive measuresThe first of these is the global growth that has ensured that the stable GDPThe public and private sectors did very well, with a 5.9% increase over last year's figure. At the same time, good results were achieved in both the public and private sectors.

Macro Indicators

Volume of output increased to 3.2%;

Retail turnover - at 17.7%;

Salaries at medium and large enterprises - at 10.5%.

Revenue items of the state budget in the first quarter of 2021 performed at 137.4%, consumables - 89.7%.

Industry indicators

In the analyzed period, the expert notes a significant increase in the output of industrial products.

В FEC There was a significant rate of growth:

  • gas production - 13%;
  • power generation - 9.4%;
  • of making lubricating oils - 10.9%;
  • production of petroleum coke - more than 2.1 times.

The growth rate in Hymotrasli:

  • production of phosphate fertilizers - 24.9%;
  • production of potash fertilizers - 18.7%;
  • manufacturing of plastic and fiberglass pipes - over 2.5 times.

The growth rate in building materials industries:

  • cement production -25.6%;
  • of sheet glass is 5.3%;
  • There was also an increase in the output of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures.

Enterprise output indicators light industry:

  • cotton yarn - 113.2%;
  • fabrics - 100.9%;
  • sewing and knitwear products - 120.5%;
  • of leather goods - 104.5%;
  • carpet products - 112.4%.

Sector gains of the food industry:

  • sausage products - 24.4%;
  • butter - 23.9%;
  • vegetable oil - 23.7%;
  • whole-milk products - 12.7%;
  • confectionery products - 12.5%;
  • mineral waters and soft drinks - 49.4%.

Product growth rate APC was 103.8%, by category:

  • vegetables - 24.8%;
  • berries and fruits - 3.2.%;
  • meat - 1.8%;
  • milk - 5.7%;
  • eggs - 3.9%.

В transportation and communication targets are realized at 112.4%. Volume increment communication services was 5.3%.

Increase in commodity turnover by Ministry of Trade and Economic Affairs in January-March 2021 was 12.1%,

Private Sector

The non-state sector also showed an increase in indicators.

By SPPT output growth rate agricultural and food products were 139.7%, and industrial products - 125.3%.

Positive dynamics

The above data is convincing evidence that the Turkmen economy, in spite of the global world crisis caused by the pandemic, has maintained positive development dynamics. It is noted that Turkmenistan did not seek assistance from other states, international associations and financial institutions. At the same time, Turkmenistan has provided support to a number of neighboring countries.

Reminder, Earlier, economic analyst Yuri Aronsky in his article consideredhow Turkmenistan's foresight has minimized the negative phenomena in the country's economy.


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