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An expert assessed Turkmenistan's production capabilities in the oil and gas sector

The expert assessed Turkmenistan's production capabilities in the oil and gas sector. Turkmen scientist, doctor of technical sciences and expert Allaberdy Ilyasov contributed an analytical piece to CentralAsia.newsIn which he said that the state has a high resource and industrial potential. Turkmenistan is rich in natural oil and gas deposits and also has all the technical capabilities to become a major global producer and exporter of this strategically important product.

The Turkmen leader has set large-scale goals and objectives aimed at improving the living standards and well-being of Turkmenistan citizens. And one of the important steps in this direction is extensive industrialization of the country's economy.

The Program of Turkmenistan's oil and gas industry development adopted for the period till 2030 outlines steps towards further expansion of production capacities, diversification of industrial enterprises, their re-equipment, development of large-scale capital investments aimed at improving various spheres of the industry.

The president seeks to further diversify Turkmenistan's economy. In particular, during a meeting held during Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov's visit to Mary and Lebap velayats, the head of state set three key tasks for the participants: to increase the export opportunities of the industry, to ensure sufficient domestic demand for hydrocarbon products and to ensure comprehensive industrialization of the oil and gas industry.

Today, Turkmenistan has established the production of high quality products. The hydrocarbon resources that the country possesses are used rationally. Deep oil and gas processing has been implemented. And the produced oil products are not only environmentally friendly, but also characterized by high competitiveness.

Today, Turkmenistan intends to actively develop the domestic processing industry. This will significantly reduce risks that include export of raw materials. New oil and gas fields are put into industrial use, as a result of which the volume of export supplies of fuel produced in Turkmenistan is increasing, and the existing gas and oil refineries in the country are uninterruptedly provided with necessary raw materials.

The flagships of the national economy in this sector are the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries (TKNPZ) and the Seyda Oil Refinery (SNPZ), which are part of the complex. They are equipped with advanced technologies, which not only increase the efficiency of production, but also ensure that the plants are as environmentally friendly as possible.

For example, the SNPZ already has a unit producing road bitumen. Due to the unique technology used, this type of product produced in Turkmenistan fully meets the world quality requirements. The road bed, built with its use, will last much longer and will be significantly stronger and of higher quality.

The TKNPZ continues to build highly efficient and technologically advanced production lines that fully meet modern requirements.

This approach provides ample opportunities for the active progress of Turkmenistan's fuel and energy complex. At the initiative of the Turkmen leader, an extensive list of innovative projects will be implemented in the country, which will allow the oil and gas industry to unlock its economic potential even more effectively. Advanced technologies used in gas processing will allow obtaining the most valuable products highly demanded in the global market.

Significant attention is paid to the environmental component. In the processes of oil and gas processing, technologies for waste disposal, purification of air and wastewater from harmful hydrocarbon impurities, etc. are introduced. As a result, there is a significant reduction in Turkmenistan's emissions of gases that provoke the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Turkmenistan's fuel and energy enterprises are gradually implementing projects aimed at diversifying the oil and gas industry. They not only strengthen and develop the industrial potential of the country, but also its transport infrastructure and increase the volume of exports of energy sources to the Afghan, Pakistani and Indian markets. This, in turn, provides access to the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. If Turkmenistan's system of transport and logistics services is thoroughly formed, it will be another important factor for the country's economic progress.



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