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The 2021 emblem adorns textiles in Turkmenistan

The largest textile enterprises of Turkmenistan started producing products with the national emblem 2021. It is a colorful drawing in combination with the slogan "Turkmenistan - the homeland of peace and trust. The emblem can be seen on the labels of products manufactured by garment factories Akhal and Bahar. The emblem will also be placed on the packages of finished products of Ashgabat Textile Complex, Geoktepe Complex, Textile Complex named after Turkmenbashi. Finished knitwear and garments, adult and children's jeans and sportswear will also be decorated with the logo.

Today Turkmen light industry offers foreign partners a rich export assortment, starting from yarn and cotton fiber and ending with home textile production. New technologies are introduced and automated production lines are established; weaving, spinning, sewing and finishing shops are equipped with new modern equipment made in Germany, Japan, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. All this allows to increase the volume of production, gives high productivity of branch enterprises.

In addition to the introduction of modern technologies, the textile industry plays an important role in controlling the quality and environmental friendliness of its products. The traditional orientation of the Turkmen industry to the use of natural materials attracts the interest of international brands that place their orders all over the world. Leading textile enterprises of the country produce goods that have won international recognition. Its high quality is confirmed by ISO 14001, ISO 9001, 9002, WRAP and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

At the moment, almost 80% of products produced by enterprises of the Turkmen textile industry are exported. The main importers of textiles from Turkmenistan are the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. It also goes to other countries of the world.


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