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The epidemiological situation in Turkmenistan is calm

According to the information center of the Ministry of Health, the epidemiological situation in Turkmenistan remains calm.

Our state implements effective The measures to prevent and prevent the spread of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza and other viral other viral infections. Medical institutions of Turkmenistan regularly and universally timely vaccinations are administered. Health centres are provided with all the necessary Vaccination medication is available at all health centres.

Health measures aimed at monitoring, prevention and avoidance of viral diseases are carefully implemented according to the approved plans of the meeting. Emergency Anti-Epidemic Commission of January 20.

To date, there have been no fatalities in Turkmenistan has not recorded a single case of fatal outcome from infectious diseases, No deaths from infectious diseases have been recorded in Turkmenistan to date.

Recall that by an order dated January 8, all medical institutions of Turkmenistan are being tightened control over the epidemiological situation, and doctors have been specially trained for viral diseases. Increased security measures have been taken in the border areas, and from February 1 Turkmenistan Suspends Flights to Beijing as part of preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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