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Turkmenistan plans to produce 2.1 thousand tons of silkworm cocoons in 2020

According to According to a decree signed by Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, the Ministry of Agriculture and The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection is to establish the production of silkworm cocoons in the amount of 2.1 thousand tons.

Turkmen The Turkmen leader signed two decrees at once concerning the country's silk industry. country's silk industry. According to the first of these documents, responsibilities for the establishment The first of these documents stipulates that the Ministry of Agribusiness and Environmental Protection will be in charge of developing the cocoons and providing grapes to the manufacturers. Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection. Consequently, all enterprises of this industry, which were previously supervised by the Ministry of Textile Industry, will be subordinated to the new authority. The Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan should also ensure The Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan should also provide a legal regulation of such a transfer as well as within a month Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan should also provide a proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the implementation of the corresponding legislation in the country.

With the second decree, Arkadag obliged the Ministry of Agro-Industrial Complex and Environmental Protection and the governors of the velayats to ensure the production of 2,100 tonnes of raw cocoon in 2020. Plans call for producing 1,010 tonnes in Lebap velayat, 500 tonnes in Dashoguz, 410 tonnes in Mary, 155 tonnes in Akhal and 25 tonnes in Balkan. To fulfill the entrusted obligations, the relevant Ministry should conclude relevant agreements with the governors of the velayats, in addition, to provide producers of raw cocoon with grenades of high-quality silkworms in the required quantity.


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