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"There's a white Toyota Corolla pulling up to you."

The Ashgabat Taxi Park has an innovation - SMS-notification of clients.

After the customer has placed an order, an SMS message is sent to the customer's cell phone with information about the make, color, registration number of the car and the exact time of the cab's arrival. This allows customers to take their time before leaving home in a hurry.

When the cab arrives, the customer receives another message with the text "The *brand and number of the car* are waiting for you". Users of the service no longer need to look out the window every minute - the mobile gadget will inform them as soon as the transport is in place.

At the end of the trip, the customer receives a third notification with information about the cost of the trip. This innovation allows not only to significantly improve the comfort of using this type of transport, but also to control the actions of unscrupulous drivers, from whom this service has taken away the possibility of overpricing the fare.

For more convenient use of the service, Taxi Hyzmaty has also launched a mobile application for smartphones based on Android and iOS.

With this app, you can order transportation without calling the dispatcher. In the application you can see a preliminary cost of the intended trip. Movement of the driver can be seen on the map. Sound notification will inform the customer about the arrival of the car. In the application, you can also leave feedback on the quality of service.

Taxi company employees emphasize the importance of improving service and ask to report violations to the taxi company. All applications with complaints are considered as soon as possible.

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