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Kazakh people are preparing to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev

This year the Republic of Kazakhstan is preparing to celebrate the 175th anniversary of birthday of Abay Kunanbaev. Preparations for the celebration will be made by a special High-level Commission will be in charge of all organizational questions of this large-scale and significant event for the whole nation.

The personality of A. Kunanbayuly in Kazakh culture is difficult to overestimate. He is the founder He is the founder of the national literature, a poet, an educator and a thinker. in history. Abai saw the ideal of the Kazakh character in self-knowledge and self-development, patriotism, upholding the rule of law, and hard work. His ideas about man, society, science, religion, nature, and the state are invaluable for all mankind. humanity. Abay's legacy in our time has not lost its relevance, his His works must become the spiritual foundation for us and for future generations.

In 2020, more than 500 different events of different levels are planned to commemorate 175th anniversary of A. Kunanbaev. Two international conferences will be held: one - "The Legacy of Abai and the World Spirituality" (August, Semey) with the support of UNESCO, and the second - "Abai and the Questions of Spiritual Revival" (October, Almaty). Two international conferences will be held: one on "Abai's Legacy and World Spirituality" (August, Semey, with the support of UNESCO) and the second on "Abai and Issues of Spiritual Revival" (October, Nur-Sultan). The second one - "Abai Spiritual Revival Issues" (October, Nur-Sultan). By the 175th anniversary of Abai, it is planned to translate and publish the poet's books in ten languages. There are also several documentaries and films being prepared for release. Abai's books in ten languages will be translated and published by the 175th anniversary of Abai. Festive celebrations, musical and theatrical festivals will take place throughout throughout the Republic.

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