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The Academy of Civil Service presented European experience in training civil servants

A two-day training seminar was held at the Academy The Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan held a two-day training seminar at which innovative The seminar and training seminar was held for two days at the Academy of the Civil Service of the President of Turkmenistan. employees. The event was attended by professors and teachers of higher The event was attended by professors and lecturers of higher educational institutions involved in the training of highly qualified The event was attended by university professors and lecturers engaged in training highly qualified leaders and employees for local government agencies, government agencies and non-state structures.


Before The audience was given an interactive presentation by the international consultant, Anika Jansoo, professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. She spoke about tions in HR management in the public sector of economy, and also presented models of global HR practice. presented models of global HR practice, based on digital platforms. At the end of the presentation, Professor Jansu noted the importance of teamwork as the optimal format of of public administration.


The next stage of the training was devoted to the study of international practices and the experience of some leading European countries regarding the methodology of work on the creation of methodological, academic works in the system of university training. It was emphasized that when writing works, a specialist of the state institution or a researcher should have a good understanding of the production, its current needs.


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