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Preparations for the National Holiday of the Turkmen horse have started

Inspecting The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov inspected the construction of a number of facilities. also held a working meeting at the end of which state officials were instructed to to immediately start making preparations for the National Holiday of the Turkmen horse.

In addition to Among other things, the leader of the Turkmen nation toured the International Akhal-Teke Complex and the adjacent village and visited the monument to the famous Akhal-Teke racer, Polatly. the monument to the famous Akhalteke horse Polatly.


Then The Turkmen leader visited the Akhal-Teke Horse Farm. On its territory a working meeting was held on its territory. Arkadag heard reports and gave instructions to state officials, including the urgent commencement of preparations for the National National Holiday of the Turkmen horse.

Preparations The Vice Prime Minister E. Orazgeldiev, the mayor of the Turkmen capital The deputy prime minister, E. Orazgeldiyev, and the governor of the Turkmen capital, Sh.

President Turkmenistan also emphasized that the current celebration coincides with the Year of the 25th Anniversary of Neutrality and the 10th anniversary of the International Akhalteke Horse Breeding Association horse breeding, so all the planned events on the occasion of the celebration horse should be held at the highest level, become one of the key events of the current year.

The Turkmen leader himself did much for the development of horse breeding in the country. As a connoisseur and expert on the Akhalteke horse breed, he ensured the popularization of equestrian sports in the country, as well as the implementation of purposeful measures to develop and improve the horse breeding industry.


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