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Creative economy - what is it?

Ashgabat, March 11, /Arzuw NEWS/. Today a briefing on "Creative Economy" was held at the residence of the British Ambassador. Representatives of many creative directions: photographers, videographers, copywriters, designers, illustrators, marketers, representatives of the beauty industry, IT-technologies and local show-business were among the participants of the meeting.

British Ambassador Hugh Philpott spoke at the event. He noted, in particular, that Britain is rightfully considered a leader in the creative economy and that the country receives significant income from this sector:

British Ambassador to Turkmenistan: Hugh Philpott

"In Britain 30 years ago, when they first started talking about the creative economy, the revenue from this industry was only 10%; now it's over 40%."

According to Gayaneh Israelyan, assistant public relations and projects officer at the British Embassy in Turkmenistan, the United Kingdom's income from the creative economy was 11.7 billion pounds in 2018. Since February 2020, according to official figures, advertising and marketing brought in 18.6 billion pounds. Employment in this field grew by 31% from 2011 to 2018. In 2019, Britain exported 6.9 billion pounds worth of advertising services.

Students learned that the "creative economy" is a sector of the economy based on intellectual activity. This includes a number of areas such as advertising, architecture, film, design, fashion modeling, crafts, interactive and entertainment, music, art, press, television, radio, software and computer systems.

It is easier to get a job in this industry without education or experience, relying only on your talent and portfolio. You don't have to be educated in the arts to be successful.

In 2019, the "Creative Central Asia" forum was held in Tashkent, where representatives from Turkmenistan also participated. A number of "fresh" ideas were presented there, one of which was the "Ish Nokady" co-working center. Four months later, the Ashgabat co-working center opened its doors.

Gayaneh Israyelyan, British Embassy Public Relations Assistant, reported on the embassy's intention to organize a forum on creative economy in Ashgabat with the participation of international and local experts. Organizers of the event expressed hope that this new and modern type of industry will successfully develop in Turkmenistan as well.

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  • It is strange that no English terms from the creative economy were mentioned at the thematic briefing at the British Ambassador's residence. What is the best way to translate "creative economy" into English: "creative economy" or "creative economics"? Or should "economics" be understood only as an economic theory (a scientific discipline) and not as a branch of economics/economic activity, in which case is the term "creative economics" not applicable?