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Little Citizens of Turkmenistan Received New Year Gifts from the President

The "Döwletliler köşgi" palace hosted a New Year's Eve event in which young citizens of Turkmenistan received gifts from the head of state.

Delegates from the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan visited the southern part of Ashgabat that day. They came to the Döwletliler köşgi Palace to meet with young Turkmenistanis and wish them a Happy New Year. In addition, the children were to meet Ayaz Baba. This time, in addition to his granddaughter Garpamyk, the symbol of 2021, a good-natured and affectionate bull came to visit the children.

"Döwletliler köşgi is a place where young citizens of Turkmenistan receive not only a wide range of knowledge, but also an extensive list of professional skills. Thanks to this, they will feel much more confident when they finish school. Many of the trainees have excelled in various creative competitions held in Turkmenistan and other countries. For example, the local dance ensemble "Joshgun" was awarded the prestigious Gulub Children's Prize. Gulbaba.

The guests were able to evaluate the talents of the Palace hosts on this day, having enjoyed the presented concert program. Many Christmas-tree ornaments and elements of festive decorations were also the result of children's creativity. The performances of young talents ended with a round dance with Ayaz Baba, Harpamyk and other characters of fairy tales.

The children were especially pleased with the gifts presented on behalf of Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. In addition to traditional sweets, young Turkmenistani children received high-quality seasonal clothing and domestic textile products. In addition, the children received presents from the capital's leadership and community leaders.

At the conclusion of the holiday, the children of Döwletliler köşgi thanked the leader of the nation for the gifts and tireless care, wishing him all the best for the coming new year.

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