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The mother of the President of Turkmenistan donated a wedding cape to the state museum

The mother of the President of Turkmenistan donated a wedding cape to the state museum

Ogulabat Eje, the mother of the President of Turkmenistan, donated her embroidered kurta (wedding cloak) and socks to the State Museum of the State Cultural Center. This event was an occasion to organize a conference, "Art, which absorbed the warmth of hearts," organized by the Mejlis and the Central Council of the Women's Union. Participants in the conference included representatives of the government, public associations, higher education institutions, artists and cultural figures, embroiderers, jewelers, and students.

The wedding cloak was embroidered by Ogulabat eje in twenty days for her sister-in-law in 1971. The kurte is decorated with national patterns, using the kojeme technique, the inscription "1971" is embroidered on the collar, the edges are framed with alajah of camel's wool. Original patterns also decorate the socks donated to the museum.

The president of Turkmenistan described how his mother and sisters lovingly embroidered patterns and knitted socks in his book, Mother Worship - Worship of the Sacred.

Embroidery patterns - an ancient craft, which is a mandatory component of traditional costumes. The art of embroidery was passed down from mothers to daughters, from older sisters to younger sisters-in-law and sisters-in-law.

The museum's staff stressed that they would work hard to convey to visitors the evidence of the rich culture of the Turkmen nation, to instill love and respect for the arts and crafts of Turkmenistan in younger generations.

The conference ended with performances by masters of the arts.

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