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"Merv is firmly in third place in the Turkmenistan soccer championship

Turkmen soccer fans are having a busy time. The ongoing national championship reveals different winners in each round of the responsible tournament.

The other day there was a match between the teams striving to take the leading position in the championship standings of Turkmenistan in soccer. The Merv athletes won the match, beating the Kopetdag team 3:2.

The match went off in a tense struggle with passing success. The home team, which opened the scoring, attacked the visitors throughout the first period. However, confused at the beginning of the match, the opponents were able to mobilize their athletic resources and at first score one goal, and then even the score.

Meetings between these teams are always spectacular and intense. No one knows how this game would have ended, if at the end of it would not have been removed from the field for violations of the rules of the game two players "Kopetdag". In all likelihood, the nerves of the athletes at crucial moments were strained to the limit. This led to violations. As a result of the victory in this match, "Merv" firmly took third place.

No less fierce fight broke out between the teams' scorers. Each of them seeks to become the best in the current championship.



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