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IMF presents economic priorities for Central Asia and the Middle East

The Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan hosted an IMF online presentation on the key vectors of economic growth in the Middle East and Central Asia.

According to international experts, the key task is to provide the leading industries with the necessary financial resources and to develop appropriate programs to support them.

Specifically, the IMF recommended that:

  • Continued work to preserve jobs;
  • using a tool to provide liquidity to businesses and households;
  • Providing support to individual members of society;
  • planning and implementation of actions to overcome the crisis in the economy.

The IMF also noted the importance of solving current problems along with maintaining macroeconomic stability. Read more of the report here.

It should be noted that our country is implementing the Plan of operative social and economic measures in the conditions of the pandemic. Its effectiveness is confirmed by a stable situation in the economy and GDP growth.

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