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Disinfection tunnels will be installed on the Turkmen-Iranian border

Yesterday, trilateral talks of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Iran on transport communication and transit issues were held in "Turkmendemiryollary". The presentation of the Turkmen side was led by B. Ovezov, deputy head of the Cabinet of Ministers, responsible for the development of the transport sector in the country.

The meeting focused on the key topics of intensifying and increasing the volume of transportation between the states. The parties paid much attention to minimizing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on trade and economic relations.

In particular, B. Ovezov reported the launch of disinfection tunnels on the borders of Turkmenistan. Iranian Minister M. Eslami confirmed an agreement with the Turkmen side to install such protection within 2 weeks. He also spoke about the introduction of medical protocols at 24 border terminals in the country. Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan E. Ganiev noted the importance of drivers' compliance with safety measures and medical protocols, as well as the need to ensure the delivery of cargo within 10 days.

Transport document turnover by agreement between the countries will be converted into electronic form.


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