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Real Turkmen cuisine has become available to residents of the Russian capital

With the opening of the new Ashkhabad restaurant Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital have an opportunity to join the Turkmen national cuisine. Unlike other places offering Oriental cuisine, only here you can taste authentic Turkmen dishes.

The pearl of culinary delights cooked in "Ashkhabad" is dograma. For lovers of first courses: fragrant shurpa and unash. There is a huge choice of meat dishes with dough: manty, chebureks, samsa, fichi. And, of course, kebabs on a real chargrill and kebab, just like in the native Ashgabat.

The restaurant is located on the Mira Avenue. Peace AvenueThe hotel is located not far from the center of Moscow, which makes it a convenient place to spend The Turkmen diaspora and Muscovites alike enjoy a tasty pastime.


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  • We should definitely go! We'll see how and what's there! Is there a menu or what?!

  • They write: "....The collection of small culinary masterpieces here is complemented by fragrant first hot dishes - shurpa and unash. The range of variations of fried, steamed and baked combinations of dough with different kinds of meat is inexhaustible: manti, chebureks, samsa, fichi. There is a diverse choice of kebabs on a real charcoal grill. But the kind of kebab that is cooked here could only be tasted in real Ashkhabad before...." - very tempting..... we need to see how it's done! I wish they would give the exact address or show location on the map!