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German agency GIZ published a portfolio of projects in Turkmenistan

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) German Cooperative Development AgencyHeadquartered in Bonn, presented a portfolio including projects implemented in Turkmenistan.

  • In the format of the Turkmen-German management development programs Since 2008, together with the Ministry of Economy of Turkmenistan, training of SME managers to start joint projects with German partners has been carried out.
  • "Green Central Asia". (implementation period: June 2020 - March 2024) is aimed at strengthening peace and the development of interstate cooperation in the study of climate change in Central Asia, conducting a diplomatic dialogue in the environmental sphere, studying climate risks, and strengthening the basis in the field of environmentally-oriented management.
  • Integrative and Climate-Sensitive Land Use Project in CA (implementation period: May 2016-February 2021) involves support for state agencies and private farmers, in an economically and environmentally sustainable land-use reform.
  • Project on Promoting the Rule of Law in Central Asia in the context of stable economic development (February 2018 - January 2023) is focused on supporting the reform of the legal and judicial systems, the growth of the level of legal security. The partners in this direction are the Mejlis, the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan.

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