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New traffic interchange adds to the architectural image of Ashgabat

In the center of Ashgabat, at the intersection of Turkmenbashi Avenue and Niyazov Avenue, there was a festive opening of a large-scale complex of infrastructure facilities - vehicular tunnel, 4 underpasses, and the architectural structure Mahabat.

The solemn events were attended by Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedovhe drove through the new tunnel, a traffic circle leading to the central site, the Mahabat Monument. The new structure is a 16-meter cube standing on a 5-meter pedestal. The facets of the cube have built-in video screens and are shaped like the stars of Oguzkhan.

The area of the new construction project, located on a plot of 4.5 hectares, was 44340.95 m2. The length of the tunnel is 350 m. It is important that the work on the design, erection and development of the surrounding area was carried out Turkmen entrepreneurs.

The new road facility organically fits into the architecture of Ashgabat and will become another landmark of the capital of Turkmenistan.


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