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New construction projects in Ashgabat

In the capital of Turkmenistan The implementation of the construction program based on the principles of comprehensive development of the city and compliance with the quality standards of construction in Ashgabat.

In 2020, Mir-7 residential area will The work on the construction of new houses and infrastructure will be continued in Mir-7. for the tenants of the objects built. On 10. The construction of 23 residential complexes is planned on 10 ily Abadançylyk and Alty Karliýewa Streets, Preparation of excavations has already begun. The declared number of floors - 9, the execution - monolithic. Around the houses conceived landscaping walks, play Playgrounds for children, sports activities, as well as separate parking lots for cars. В As a result of the construction more than 1 thousand apartments will be delivered in Ashgabat.

In the Buzmein etrap, the construction of a new housing estate is continuing. The construction of a new housing estate is continuing. "Türkmendemirbeton promises to build Thirty-five 4-story houses. 9 houses of 32 apartments each have already been The tenants have already received thirty-two apartments and twenty objects are also real and can be viewed on the walls. The rest will be completed before May 2020. The apartments offered, with an optimal area more than 100 square meters, will please many families in the new decade. In the 2nd stage is to build another 15 fresh facilities.

It is important that the project prescribes the development of infrastructure for new tenants. These are: Shopping malls, educational institutions for children and schoolchildren, sports and children's playgrounds, picnic areas and garden, parking. Already in 2021, the new residential area should be fully implemented.

More than 3,000 families will also get housing thanks to the commissioning of the second stage of construction in Ashgabat's Gurtly residential area.


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