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New solar panels in the Karakum Desert

Under the UN development program in 2020 In 2020, three Turkmen villages in the Karakum Desert were equipped with solar panels. solar panels on the territory of three Turkmen villages in the Karakum desert. This is a pilot project, which is implemented with the support of State Water Management Committee and the Global EcoFund.

The capacity of the sources supplied 10 kW, the residents of Byashkak, Yel, and Beri villages will be able to use the alternative energy. Akhal velayat, which is in the Center of Karakum. Mainly the electricity from the solar Electricity from the solar panels will be used for pumping water, for which diesel generators were previously previously used diesel generators. The main goal of the innovation is to reduce the amount of harmful gases entering the atmosphere.

According to the press service UNDP, about 1,200 local residents will be able to get solar power for their needs.


Given the Karakum's near-constant clear weather, solar panels are highly preferable for the region. In addition, for a population accustomed to the limited hourly operation of diesel generators, uninterrupted solar energy can be a real salvation. Solar panels - this is also a profitable solution to provide electricity to remote villages, where it is not economically feasible to build power lines. In general, the new energy sources will have a positive impact on the standard of living of the population.


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