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Turkmenistan's production calendar for 2021 has been published

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Turkmenistan released the production calendar for 2021, according to which the holidays and memorial dates on which organizations and enterprises will not work are determined.

The first of these is January 1 (New Year's Day). In March it is on the 8th (International Women's Day) and on the 22nd-23rd (Novruz Bayram). In May, there are Oraza Bayrams (on the 13th) and Constitution and State Flag Day (on the 18th). In July they celebrate Eid al-Adha (20th to 22nd), in September - Independence Day (27th), in October - Remembrance Day (6th), and in December - International Neutrality Day (12th).

Labor hours will be reduced by one hour on the pre-holiday dates.

The calculation of working time standards is based on a forty-hour workweek (five-day workweek for an eight-hour workday and six-day workweek for a seven-hour workday), as well as on a 36-hour workweek (six-day workweek for a six-hour workday).

When making work schedules, it is necessary to take into account the reduction of the length of time worked at night by one hour. In this case, specialists whose work is distributed over 3 shifts with 5 working days and 2 days off receive a reduction of the annual fund by one hour for each shift worked at night.

If we are talking about six workers and one day off, continuous production and other, where it is required by the conditions, the night work is equal in duration to the day.

In recalculating hourly wages into monthly wages, it should be borne in mind that in 2021 the length of working hours (in hours) will be 166.00 (forty-hour work week) and 150.5 (36-hour work week).


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