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Oxford expert praises Turkmenistan's gas industry

Julian Bowden, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies (OIES) expert, reported that his research center is interested in studying indicators of the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistannamely, progress Gas industry, gas market, gas export flows and other methods of gas application in the state. The British analyst stressed that the OIES aims to keep abreast of important changes in the Turkmen oil and gas industry, and the development of the gas segment and export supplies are very important to monitor the organization.

J. Bowden mentioned largest gas fields in TurkmenistanHe praised the state's success in improving the sector as a whole, and also praised the main gas exports from Turkmenistan to the PRC, improving petrochemical complexes, the most ambitious Innovative gas-to-gasoline facility (Ovadandepe).

It is predicted that By 2050. Turkmen gas production will increase by 78% and exceed 141 billion cubic meters, the annual growth rate will be 1.9%.


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