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Ports of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan coordinate efforts

A tripartite online working meeting of authorized representatives of Turkmenbashi International Sea Port, Baku International Sea Trade Port (Azerbaijan), Aktau International Sea Trade Port and Kuryk Port (Kazakhstan) was held. The objectives of the forthcoming expansion of the partnership between the ports of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan were discussed.

The head of Turkmenistan's diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan M. Ishangulyev noted the high importance of interaction between the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, customs officers and border guards of the three countries in the conditions of the global pandemic COVID-19, and stated that cooperation in the conditions of the global challenge should be strengthened even more. The ambassador called logistical corridors "the thread of life" in a difficult situation and emphasized the imperative need to maintain the smooth functioning of transport arteries and the establishment of new routes.

In addition, the meeting participants shared their views on the intensification of electronic information exchange between ports, the synchronization of quarantine activities of ports - including the unification of terms and conditions, preventive information on the introduction of restrictions on the entry of specific goods, vehicles and personnel from COVID-19-unfavorable regions.


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