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Lebap velayat entrepreneurs have increased food production

Lebap velayat entrepreneurs have increased food production

The entrepreneurs of Lebap velayat are increasing the output of food products, which is facilitated in no small measure by the opportunities created by the government of Turkmenistan. The results achieved by Lebap producers in 2021 are convincing evidence of their success. Thus, the private sector of Lebap province produced 409.78 tons of confectionery products - 121.5 tons more than in the previous year.

In the past year, Lebap businessmen have sent 281.5 tons of sausage products to the points of sale, which exceeds the results in 2020 by 155 tons. It should be emphasized that a third of this type of food products, namely 94.5 tons, was sent for sale by a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (UITP) S. Kulyapin. Entrepreneur A. Ravshanova in 2021 sold 69 tons of sausage products - 19.7 tons more than the same figure in 2020.

No less significant are the successes of private companies in the production of non-alcoholic products. In January-December 2021 they produced 728.59 dal of such drinks, which exceeds the results of the same period in 2020 by 70.01 dal.

Much attention in Lebap velayat is paid to the poultry industry. Last year, the non-state sector sent 8,141,800 eggs for sale, which is 2,903,800 eggs more than in 2020. All this was the result of large-scale activities deployed in this industry.

Such impressive results demonstrate that the Lebap branches of the SPPT and the Committee of the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs carry out management and explanatory activities on the proper level to implement state policy aimed at the development of small and medium enterprises in Turkmenistan.

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