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Representatives of business circles of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation held an online meeting

30 July passed videoconference с participation chapters SPPT, manager Agencies investrazvitiya (Tatarstan), deputy head Agencies international и foreign economic links (Astrakhan Oblast. RF).

Parties discussed important questions developments commerciallyeconomic relations between countries. One From important items meetings was Opening Trade at home Turkmenistan в Kazan. Except of this, considered perspectives activations supplies products From our countries в RF, в in particular, speech went о opportunities infrastructures Astrakhan, which can be used for collateral Turkmen exports в Tatarstan.

Note, what at meeting also attended: Consul General Turkmenistan в Kazan, members Boards и representatives international directions SPPT. From sides Tatarstan partnersrepresentatives Department of Industry, CCI, APT, Corporations exports, NIIneftepromkhim и local companies ("Poliz", Kazan motorcycle construction SOFTWARE, Zelenodolsky shipbuilding factory, bank "Ac Bars").


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  • Agency for Investment Development of the Republic of Tatarstan. This is the name of the body of executive power of Tatarstan mentioned by you)