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Representatives of Turkmenistan took part in an online conference on global warming

An online conference on global warming and its impact on climate change in Central Asia, held the previous day, attracted participants from Turkmenistan and other Central Asian countries, as well as scientists from Germany, Sweden and other countries.

During the conference, international experts discussed concrete facts and figures indicating growing concern about threats to the sustainable and dynamic development of the regions.

Turkmenistan was represented at the conference by the Center for Strategic Studies of the MFA Institute. Its representative acquainted the participants with the problem of water policy, because the efficiency of all sectors of industrial production and agriculture depends on it in general.

Regular irrigation plays a crucial role in the country's agriculture, so the deficit of fresh water must be minimized by developing special measures.

Rational use of water, which is extremely important in the country, makes it possible to grow excellent crops.

The conference discussed, among other issues, the use of innovative technologies and equipment in the water sector of Turkmenistan.



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