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The EU Delegation in Turkmenistan held an online campaign in support of animal rights

The European Union Delegation in Turkmenistan held an online campaign in support of animal rights in Turkmenistan. The campaign coincided with the adoption of the Law on Dog Breeding and Canine Activities. The law prohibits cruelty to dogs and was well received by the general public.

From August 1 to 10, the EU Delegation to Turkmenistan encouraged its followers on social media to post pictures and videos showing love and care for pets. The campaign was covered in the local media and received positive feedback from the general public.

"Our goal was to show that caring for animals and pets makes people kinder and better. We also sought to support the passage of the new Dog and Canine Act as a first step toward creating a policy for homeless animals. Our pets and animals are living beings, not property. It is very important to show children from an early age that caring for pets and being kind to all animals should be part of our daily lives. The welfare of animals and the development of humane policies for homeless animals is the responsibility of the state. Caring for animals is part of any healthy society," said Ms. Renate Vrubel, Chargé d'affaires ad interim of the EU Delegation.

The event culminated in a visit to an animal shelter in Annau, about 40 minutes southwest of Ashgabat, where the EU Delegation, together with the Society for the Protection of Nature and a group of volunteers, donated food and medicine to the shelter residents.

"Arasa Penje and Give Me Life are two of the few animal shelters operating in Turkmenistan that can accept hundreds of animals at a time.

Today, Arasa Penje has 450 animals, and Give Me Life is a permanent home for 70 dogs and 12 cats.

Source: Press release from the EU Delegation to Turkmenistan

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