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The President of Turkmenistan noted the importance of education for achieving the SDGs

The leader of the Turkmen nation, during a meeting of the Khalk Maslakhaty, also paid attention to the educational sector, which plays a crucial role in achieving The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), productive Turkmenistan's integration into the world community. In Turkmenistan, the construction of new educational institutions of all levels continues, they are provided with all the necessary material and technical equipment, the implementation of digitalization of education.

The talented young generation is actively involved in science and creativity in universities, research institutes, scientific-technological, scientific-clinical, scientific-project centers, and experimental-production laboratories. Young scientists work in IT, nanotechnology, alternative energy, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, ecology, innovative agricultural research, economy. Turkmen students and young specialists participate in specialized competitions and contests and exchange experiences with foreign colleagues.

Summarizing his speech on the industry, the President of Turkmenistan ordered the creation of Young Professionals Program with the development of certain Vectors of professional development.


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