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The President of Turkmenistan congratulated his compatriots on the Night of Omnipotence

The President of Turkmenistan sincerely congratulated his compatriots on the arrival of the blessed Night of Omnipotence. The message of the head of state says:

"With all my heart I congratulate you on the blessed Gadyr gijesi, the Night of Omnipotence, symbolizing virtue, spiritual purity, righteousness, high humanism and unity, which we meet in accordance with the original national traditions and customs, bright thoughts and hopes."

The President's address emphasizes that the Turkmen nation is characterized by virtuous, noble, respectful and mutually respectful traits. This, together with the spiritual and material heritage, religious and secular outlook is the basis of creation and prosperity. It is customary for us to celebrate with enthusiasm and generosity the festivals and great dates that glorify customs and traditions. The Night of Omnipotence, when the Almighty sent down the first ayats of the Holy Qur'an, instructs the faithful in spiritual purity and humanity. In the night of holiness, generosity, pacification, according to ancient traditions, sadaqa - "agzachar" is given, it is customary to offer blessings, to wish other people a peaceful, happy, prosperous life, to perform namaz "tarawa" and offer prayers.

The tradition of the Night of Omnipotence of the month of Oraz, which calls for enlightenment through physical and spiritual perfection, represents the commonalities of our forefathers' conceptions of mercy and justice. In view of the ancient customs and in order to strengthen the unity of modern society, an act of pardon for the condemned is carried out in honor of the Night of Omnipotence.

The sacredness of the holiday of Oraza Bayram and the Night of Omnipotence, the adherence to religious rites is a reflection of the customs of the Turkmen nation. Modern Turkmenistanis sacredly honor the precepts of outstanding Turkmen thinkers of the past ages. Conscientious and selfless service to the independent homeland is truly a sacred mission of our compatriots.

At the end of his message, the head of Turkmenistan wished health, long life, peace, prosperity, successful professional activities, and happiness to all fellow citizens.


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