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President of Turkmenistan Participates in Mass Improvement Action

President of Turkmenistan Participates in Mass Improvement Action

The President of Turkmenistan took part in a mass cleanup action. The event was held on the territory of Ashgabat and all velayats. Its main purpose was to bring the territory in a proper aesthetic appearance and improve the level of comfort of the population.

The mass beautification action (yovar) held on the territory of the Turkmen capital was timed to its 140th anniversary as well as the thirtieth anniversary of the country's independence. The decision was made during the government session on the digital system. The head of state ordered to bring all settlements of Turkmenistan in proper shape by the jubilee date.

The leader of the nation arrived at the start of the event early in the morning. The president carried out a set of measures to take care of the plantings - whitewashing tree trunks, loosening the ground, and so on. This marked the beginning of the landscaping efforts throughout the country. Following the example of the President, other participants in the event also took care of the "sponsored" trees.

These ennobling actions achieve several important goals at once. Not only do they improve the ecological well-being of the nation, but they also foster a respectful attitude toward labor among young people.

Our state pays a lot of attention to mass planting - planting campaigns are held annually both in spring and fall. Representatives of the government, local government, cultural and educational figures take part in them. Together they plant millions of seedlings every year. These are not only deciduous and coniferous trees, but also grapes and fruit crops.

The landscaping actions were accompanied by songs and dances designed to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Upon completion of the works, the President of Turkmenistan made a speech in which he stressed the importance of carrying out the mentioned works in the future. The Turkmen leader noted the importance of the culture of careful treatment of the environment in the system of national values.

Wishing everyone present success in their constructive activities, the Head of State left the site of the action.


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