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Swimmers from Turkmenistan triumphed in Uzbekistan's open championship

Swimmers from Turkmenistan triumphed in Uzbekistan's open championship

During the Open Swimming Championship of Uzbekistan athletes from Turkmenistan showed excellent results, winning gold, silver and bronze medals. The event was held in Tashkent from 12 to 17 April 2021, and 161 athletes took part in it. Turkmen, Afghan and Indian athletes also took part in the event. The results of this championship will determine not only the participants of the Tokyo Summer Olympics. It will be a qualifying round for those wishing to participate in the world championships in short water (25 meters) and in water sports. The first will be held in Abu Dhabi, and the second - next year in Fukuoka, Japan.

Swimmer Darya Semenova won gold in the 200m medley event, breaking the distance in 2 minutes 28.84 seconds. In the breaststroke competition for the same distance, the Turkmen swimmer lost to her rival from India Arora Chahat, winning silver as a result.

Turkmen swimmer Merdan Atayev won gold in the 200m backstroke in 2 minutes 11.10 seconds. The Turkmen swimmer also failed to beat his Indian rival Nataraj Srihari in the 100m backstroke, coming in second. Merdan Atayev won another silver in the 50m backstroke.

Mustafa Dzhalayev won two gold medals in the 800m freestyle in 9:19.15 seconds and the 50m backstroke in 27.37 seconds.

Turkmen swimmers won two gold, three silver and two bronze medals.

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